New Feature Spotlight: StatusKeeper welcomes SMS/text notifications to your hosted status page!

Email arrives constantly; when we’re in the office or “on the go”.  More than occasionally a new email might be briefly overlooked if we’re working another task or it just gets lost in the “noise”.  Whatever the case, they don’t always get the attention that an incoming text message might. That pop-up banner illuminating your screen, that vibration in your pocket, or your assigned ringtone for incoming text messages means they frequently get read in a more timely manner, right?

For this reason, many people will prefer text over email when in comes to receiving information of a more critical nature.  Whether it’s a son or daughter’s soccer practice across town being rained out or learning that the servers hosting your online business will be unavailable for the next two hours; if someone has taken the time to subscribe to an important notification, they need that information a.s.a.p.  With your new StatusKeeper, you can give it to them.  Now, when someone clicks on the “Subscribe” button associated with a property or asset on your status page, they’ll have the option to enter either their email address to receive email notifications, phone number to receive text messages, or both to cover all the bases!

You asked for it, and we listened!  While we had long envisioned offering SMS/text as an additional method of receiving notifications, it was really the overwhelming number of requests from customers that skyrocketed it to the top our “to-do” list.  For that, we thank you. Keep the ideas coming and we’ll keep making StatusKeeper the status page you need it to be.

Thanks for your interest in StatusKeeper!  Get yours now!

If you’re interested in learning more about how a status page can decrease your call volume and increase customer satisfaction, schedule a call with us here.

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