Off-site Status Pages with Proactive Notifications

Often times the people most qualified provide status updates are the same ones tasked with fixing the issues. The more interruptions they receive, the longer the outage becomes.

At the core of StatusKeeper is the technology to keep your company status page online even if your own infrastructure is not.  Your customers will always have a centralized portal they can access to keep track of any ongoing maintenance or downtime issues. The support team can post one simple update that reaches all subscribers before they can reach you.

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Our core technology enables you to proactively communicate with your users in order to keep them from proactively communicating with you. You don’t operate in a bubble, and when disaster strikes, your support channels will be quickly overwhelmed. Facebook? Twitter? Email? Phone Lines? All getting slammed. You can either hire more people to handle the support requests, or be more transparent and proactive with an off-site status page.



Our custom notifications engine allows you to send status notifications out to your users however they choose to be notified. Email? Sure! Facebook? No problem! Text message? Got it. People who would rather manually check in on your status pages? They’ll receive real-time updates as you post them. No need to refresh or reload. Easy.



If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Your status page should be “on-brand“. It should use colors and images familiar to your users. We’ve got you convered. Set up your organization template once and let it flow through to your users each time they return.



Security stands at the forefront of your status page. Security is included with each account at no additional cost and no additional options to be added. Ensure your status page is only accessed by you and is only accessed over secure channels to prevent prying eyes.



What good are all these notifications if you don’t know who is subscribed to them and who has received them? We build in reports to show you notification details that you can analyze to your hearts content. Have something special you want to see or a particular export format you need? Just reach out and let us know and we can get it added to our product roadmap or customize something specifically for you.


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