Free up Your Resources

When disaster strikes, every second counts. StatusKeeper enables you to quickly update a public facing status page and send out notifications to customers so you can focus on the problem at hand.

Empower the resources who can actually solve the problem to solve the problem rather than respond to and endless stream of customer and staff inquiries.

StatusKeeper provides all the features and functionality you’ll need to support your customers when disaster strikes.

Offsite Status Page

The absolute core of our system is a publicly accessible status page - outside your infrastructure - to drive your customers to. There they can monitor the issue and watch for a resolution.

White Labeling

It's your status page, when your customers see it they should immediately recognize it. Use your logo, your brand standards, your disclaimer. Make it yours, we'll just stand behind it.


Need to proactively ping your customers to let them know you're on it? Our paid plans cover SMS/text messages, emails, and messages to your Facebook page out of the box. We're your bullhorn.


Find out who should be receiving your messages and who actually is. We track visitors to your status page as well as recipients of your text and email messages.

But why do I need a free status page?

We’re glad you asked! We created a short video to help explain the problem most businesses face and what we do every day to help them solve it.

How Fast? See How Fast.

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Try the Interactive Demo!

This phone screen represents what one of your customers would see on your public status page if they subscribe to any of your components.

Enter your email address and click "Send Notification" to receive a sample notification email that would look similar to what the customer would receive if you updated a component they had subscribed to.

Our Pricing is Simple and Affordable

It shouldn’t take a team of engineers to understand pricing! We keep our pricing easy to understand by offering a free plan to get you started and two plans for notifications that cover most users.

Free Status Page with

Notifications Starting at Only

$10 / Month