Packed with Features

StatusKeeper is packed with features to help you quickly update customers to the status of your website or application.

When disaster strikes, every second counts. We enable you to quickly update a public facing status page and send out notifications to customers so you can focus on the problem at hand.



The core of StatusKeeper is the off-site status page that customers can monitor for ongoing updates even if your own website is down.

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Our notifications engine allows your customers to choose how they want to hear about your updates which are sent in real-time.

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Your status page can be customized to match your brand and your status codes can be customized to match your exact workflow.

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Find out how many notifications were sent out for each and every status update as well as historical graphs and engagement statistics.

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How Fast? See How Fast.

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This phone screen represents what one of your customers would see on your public status page if they subscribe to any of your components.

Enter your email address and click "Send Notification" to receive a sample notification email that would look similar to what the customer would receive if you updated a component they had subscribed to.

We Keep Our Pricing Simple and Affordable

It shouldn’t take a team of engineers to understand pricing! We keep our pricing easy to understand by offering two plans that cover most users.

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