New Feature Spotlight: Notification Attachments

Continuing deeper exploration of some of our exciting new features, today I’ll be presenting Notification Attachments and demonstrating how your status page can, once again, hopefully make your job a little easier using file uploads and attachments tied to your notifications.

We recently had a customer ask: “Is there a way to show a maintenance page instead of [just] an icon if the web services are down?”.  Further investigation revealed he was looking for the ability to provide more information to his users regarding the nature of a system outage.  Fortunately, we were able to direct him towards StatusKeeper’s new Notification Attachments where he was able to see that this can easily be accomplished with a few keystrokes.

From the menu to the right of the affected property or asset (remember these terms can be changed to suit your business or organization), select “Add Notification”.  Here you can set or change your status code, add a brief explanation of the situation, and now have the option to upload supporting documentation with each outbound notification.  By selecting “Choose File” you can browse and upload any file that should be associated with the notification. These files will also be available on your public facing status page.

Example: Your town’s very popular greenway trail’s restrooms will be out of service for electrical maintenance on Saturday.  As the town’s Parks and Rec Director with a StatusKeeper status page, he or she can plan this outage and keep subscribed users informed complete with the uploaded original memo from the maintenance team that contains any necessary details.  

This feature keeps a clean, simple appearance on your integrated, “forward-facing” status page, yet provides access to more information for those looking for it.

Thanks for your interest in StatusKeeper; let’s get your organization enjoying the benefits today!

If you’re interested in learning more about how a status page can decrease your call volume and increase customer satisfaction, schedule a call with us here.

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